What to be aware of when choosing a builder

The loft conversion and home extension market has grown significantly. It is largely led by highly proactive sales and marketing loft conversion or home extension companies.

These companies will then sub-contract the build of your project to a builder.  Typically you will be given a list of builders to choose from. You then build your relationship with the builder.

This is where it can start to get confusing.

The quotation you receive from the loft conversion or home extension company will most likely be a ballpark figure. It is then left to the sub-contracted builder to negotiate any extras unaccounted for.

A project manager from the loft conversion or home extension company will oversee your project.  They will not have the construction experience your builder has. But they rely upon the builder to inform them!

This all adds unnecessary cogs in the wheel, that are not always helpful to you.

A lot will also depend on the builder’s relationship with the company, let alone you, the client.

Know who you are dealing with

Working with us, you are dealing directly with us and if required our appointed architect or structural engineer.

It is our personal reputation at stake – not the contractor’s. You know exactly who you are working with and that we are fully accountable for and responsible for your project.

Quality of workmanship

We are builders and craftsmen that care about what we do. Clients comment on our exceptional finishes, we have an experienced eye for detail. Beautiful carpentry is signature to our build projects.

We are happy to arrange for you to view previous client projects when you are considering appointing us.